Why Don't We男团歌曲大全2016-2019年43张音乐专辑+单曲  欧美 组合 第1张

【简介Why Don't We,欧美男团 ,2016年9月27日成立(美国时间),由来自美国各州的五个多才多艺男孩组成,他们分别是:Corbyn Besson(科尔宾·贝松)、Jonah Marais(乔纳·玛拉)、Jack Avery(杰克·埃弗里)、Zach Herron(扎克·赫伦)、Daniel Seavey(丹尼尔·西维)。

资源名称Why Don't We男团歌曲大全


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20161125-Only The Beginning

20170421-Something Different (不同的东西)

20170519-Help Me Help You (feat. Why Don't We)

20170602-Why Don't We Just (为什么我们不)

20170610-Help Me Help You (feat. Why Don't We)

20170830-These Girls

20170908-Something Different (Remixes)


20171117-These Girls (Sagan Remix)

20171123-A Why Don't We Christmas

20171208-These Girls (Acoustic)

20180202-Trust Fund Baby (拜金女孩)

20180406-Trust Fund Baby (The White Panda Remix)

20180420-Trust Fund Baby (Acoustic)



20180824-Hooked (Borgeous Remix)

20180831-8 Letters

20180928-8 Letters (R3hab Remix)

20181005-8 Letters (Acoustic)

20181109-8 Letters (Luca Schreiner Remix)

20181207-8 Letters (Party Pupils Remix)

20181214-8 Letters (Nora En Pure Remix)

20190117-BIG PLANS

20190214-Cold In LA

20190320-I Don't Belong In This Club

20190419-Don't Change


20190524-I Don't Belong In This Club (Breathe Carolina Remix)

20190607-I Don't Belong In This Club (MOTi Remix)

20190614-I Don't Belong In This Club (MIME Remix)

20190628-Come To Brazil

20190726-I Still Do

20190809-I Don't Belong In This Club (Remixes)

20190823-What Am I

20190927-What Am I (Live and Unplugged Session)

20191018-What Am I (Cash Cash Remix)

20191025-Mad At You

20191101-What Am I (SONDR Remix)

20191115-What Am I (Casualkimono Remix)

20191129-With You This Christmas

20191206-What Am I (Martin Jensen Remix)


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