Michael Jackson(迈克尔.杰克逊)音乐合集1972-2009年30专辑歌曲  迈克尔.杰克逊 Jackson 第1张

【简介迈克尔.杰克逊(Michael Jackson,1958.8.29-2009.6.25)全名迈克尔·约瑟夫·杰克逊,简称MJ。是一名在世界各地最具影响力的男歌手、作曲家、作词家、编曲家、舞蹈家,被誉为流行音乐之王,他魔幻般的舞步更是被无数明星效仿。由于患有白癜风皮肤病导致皮肤变白。洛杉矶当地时间2009年6月25日,其私人医生康拉德·莫里违规注射镇静剂过量导致杰克逊突然逝世,终年50岁。








02.Greatest Show On Earth

03.People Make The World Go 'Round

04.We've Got A Good Thing Going

05.Everybody's Somebody's Fool

06.My Girl

07.What Goes Around Comes Around

08.In Our Small Way


10.You Can Cry On My Shoulder

1972.Got To Be There

01.Ain't No Sunshine

02.I Wanna Be Where You Are

03.Girl Don't Take Your Love From Me

04.In Our Small Way

05.Got To Be There

06.Rockin' Robin

07.Wings Of My Love

08.Maria (You Were The Only One)

09.Love Is Here And Now You're Gone

10.You've Got A Friend

1973.Music And Me

01.Rockin′ Robin

02.Johnny Raven


04.Happy (Love Theme From 'Lady Sings The Blues')

05.Too Young

06.Up Again

07.With A Child′s Heart

08.Ain′t No Sunshine


10.Morning Glow

11.Music And Me

12.All The Things You Are, Are Mine

13.Cinderella Stay Awhile

14.We′ve Got Forever

1975.Forever, Michael

01.We're Almost There

02.Take Me Back

03.One Day In Your Life

04.Cinderella Stay Awhile

05.We've Got Forever

06.Just A Little Bit Of You

07.You Are There


09.Dear Michael

10.I'll Come Home To You

1979.Off the Wall墙外

01.Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

02.Rock With You

03.Working Day And Night

04.Get On The Floor

05.Off The Wall


07.She's Out Of My Life

08.I Can't Help It

09.It's The Falling In Love

10.Burn This Disco Out


01.Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

02.Baby Be Mine

03.The Girl Is Mine


05.Beat It

06.Billie Jean

07.Human Nature

08.Pretty Young Thing

09.The Lady In My Life

1983.18 Greatest Hits

01.Got to be There

02.Rockin' Robin

03.I Wanna be Where You Are


05.With a Child's Heart

06.One Day in Your Life

07.I Want You Back

08.Who's Lovin' You


10.The Love You Save

11.I'll be There

12.Mama's Pearl

13.Never Can Say Goodbye

14.Maybe Tomorrow

15.Sugar Daddy

16.Lookin' Through the Windows

17.Get it Together

18.Dancing Machine



02.The Way You Make Me Feel

03.Speed Demon

04.Liberian Girl

05.Just Good Friends

06.Another Part of Me

07.Man in the Mirror

08.I Just Can't Stop Loving You (feat. Siedah Garrett)

09.Dirty Diana

10.Smooth Criminal

11.Leave Me Alone

1987.Love Songs

01.I'm Still Waiting

02.Got to be There

03.Touch me in the Morning

04.Ain't No Sunshine

05.All of my Life

06.Farewell My Summer Love

07.Love Hangover


09.One Day in your Life

10.Ain't No Mountain High Enough

11.I'll Be There

12.Endless Love

13.Never Can Say Goodbye

14.Reach Out and Touch (Somebody's Hand)

15.Girl You're So Together

16.Theme From Mahogany (Do You KNow Where You're Goin

1988.Smooth Criminal犯罪高手

01.Smooth Criminal [Extended Dance Mix]

02.Smooth Criminal ['Annie' Mix]

03.Smooth Criminal [Dance Mix.Dub Version]

1988.The Bad Mixes

01.Another Part Of Me (7' Version)

02.Another Part Of Me (Extended Dance Mix)

03.Dirty Diana

04.Man In The Mirror

05.The Way You Make Me Feel (7' Version)

06.The Way You Make Me Feel (Extended Dance Version)

07.Bad (7' Version)

08.Bad (Extended Dance Version)

09.I Just Can't Stop Loving You (7' Version)

10.Smooth Criminal (7' Version)

11.Smooth Criminal (Anni Mix)

12.Smooth Criminal (Dance Mix Dub Version)

13.Smoothe Criminal (A Capella Mix)


01.Michael Jackson.Jam

02.Michael Jackson.Why You Wanna Trip On Me

03.Michael Jackson.In The Closet

04.Michael Jackson.She Drives Me Wild

05.Michael Jackson.Remember The Time

06.Michael Jackson.Can't Let Her Get Away

07.Michael Jackson.Heal The World

08.Michael Jackson.Black Or White

09.Michael Jackson.Who Is It

10.Michael Jackson.Give In To Me

11.Michael Jackson.Will You Be There

12.Michael Jackson.Keep The Faith

13.Michael Jackson.Gone Too Soon

14.Michael Jackson.Dangerous

1993.Best Ballads

01.Heal The World - Michael Jackson

02.Liberian Girl - Michael Jackson

03.Human Nature - Michael Jackson

04.Earth Song - Michael Jackson

05.Will You Be There - Michael Jackson

06.I Just Can't Stop Loving You (feat Siedah Garret) - Michael Jackson

07.She's Out Of Mine - Michael Jackson

08.Give In To Me - Michael Jackson

09.Dirty Diana - Michael Jackson

10.You Are Not Alone - Michael Jackson

11.The Lady In My Life - Michael Jackson

12.Man In The Mirror - Michael Jackson

13.Gone Too Soon - Michael Jackson

14.Keep The Faith - Michael Jackson

15.The Girl Is Mine (feat Paul McCartney) - Michael Jackson

1994.Scream (Single Edit)

01.Scream (Single Edit)


1995.Earth Song

01.Earth Song

02.Earth Song (Hani's Radio Experience)

03.Earth Song (Hani's Around The World Experience)

04.You Are Not Alone (Knuckluv Dub Version)

05.MJ Megaremix

1995.HIStory Past, Present and Future, Book I

01.Scream (duet with Janet Jackson)

02.They Don't Care About Us

03.Stranger in Moscow

04.This Time Around

05.Earth Song



08.Come Together

09.You Are Not Alone

10.Childhood (theme from Free Willy 2)

11.Tabloid Junkie

12.2 Bad


14.Little Susie




01.billie jean

02.the way you make me feel

03.black or white

04.rock with you

05.shes out of my life


07.i just cant stop loving you

08.man in the mirror


10.beat it

11.the girl is mine

12.remember the time

13.dont stop til you get enough

14.wanna be startin somethin

15.heal the world


01.scream (duet with michael jackson & janet jackson)

02.they dont care about us

03.stranger in moscow

04.this time aroudn

05.earth song



08.come together

09.you are not alone

10.childhood(theme from free wiliy)

11.tabloid junkie

12.2 bad


14.little susie


1995.You Are Not Alone

01.You Are Not Alone (Album Edit)

02.You Are Not Alone (Radio Edit)

03.You Are Not Alone (Franctified Club Mix)

04.Scream Louder (Flyte Tyme Remix)

05.MJ Megaremix

1996.Stranger In Moscow

01.Stranger In Moscow (Album Version)

02.Stranger In Moscow (Tee's In-House Club Mix)

1997.Blood On The Dance Floor血洗舞池

01.Blood On The Dance Floor


03.Superfly Sister


05.Is It Scary

06.Scream Louder (Flyte Tyme Remix)

07.Money (Fire Island Radio Edit)

08.2 Bad (Refugee Camp Mix)

09.Stranger In Moscow (Tee's In-House Club Mix)

10.This Time Around (D.M. Radio Mix)

11.Earth Song (Hani's Club Experience)

12.You Are Not Alone (Classic Club Mix)

13.HIStory (Tony Moran's HIStory Lesson)

2000.asian hits超白金英文经典

01.Billie Jean

02.Black or White

03.Man in the Mirror

04.Beat It

05.Remember The Time

06.Heal The World

07.They Don't Care About Us

08.Stranger in Moscow

09.You Are Not Alone


11.Can't Let Her Get Away

12.Give In To Me


2000.Dangerous (Special Edition)危险之旅特别混音版

01.Bumper Snippet (Kid Part)

02.Monkey Business(released on THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION in 2004)

03.Work That Body

04.If You Don't Love Me (Edited Version)

05.Serious Effect (Short Version)

06.Happy Birthday, Lisa

07.She Got It

08.Black Or White (The Clivillés & Cole Radio Mi(released on some formats of the single Black Or White in 1991)

09.Dangerous (Early Version)(released on THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION in 2004)

10.Who Is It (IHS Mix)(released on some formats - mostly Promo - of the single Who Is It in 1992)

2001.Greatest Hits Volume 1

01.Billie Jean

02.The Way You Make Me Feel

03.Black Or White

04.Rock With You

05.She's Out Of My Life


07.I Just Can't Stop Loving You

08.Man In The Mirror


10.Beat It

11.The Girl Is Mine

12.Remember The Time

13.Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

14.Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

15.Heal The World





04.Break Of Dawn

05.Heaven Can Wait

06.You Rock My World



09.2000 Watts

10.You Are My Life


12.Don't Walk Away


14.The Lost Children

15.Whatever Happens


2001.Thriller (Special Edition)

01.Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

02.Baby Be Mine

03.The Girl Is Mine


05.Beat It

06.Billie Jean

07.Human Nature

08.P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)

09.The Lady In My Life

10.Interview - Quincy Jones

11.Someone In The Dark

12.Interview - Quincy Jones

13.Billie Jean (Home Demo From 1981)

14.Interview - Quincy Jones

15.Interview - Rod Temperton-Quincy Jones

16.Interview with Quincy Jones (4)

17.Voice-Over session from 'Thriller'

18.Interview with Rod Temperton (2)

19.Interview with Quincy Jones (5)


21.Interview with Quincy Jones (6)

2003.Number One's独一无二

01.Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough

02.Rock With You

03.Billie Jean

04.Beat It


06.I Just Can't Stop Loving You


08.Smooth Criminal

09.The Way You Make Me Feel

10.Man In The Mirror

11.Dirty Diana

12.Black or White

13.You Are Not Alone

14.Earth Song

15.You Rock My World

16.Break of Dawn

17.One More Chance [#]

18.Ben [Live]

2005.The Essential Michael Jackson


01.I Want You Back


03.The Love You Save

04.Got To Be There (Single Version)

05.Rockin' Robin

06.Ben (Single Version)

07.Blame It On The Boogie

08.Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground) (Single Edit)

09.Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (2003 Edit)

10.Off The Wall (Single Version)

11.Rock With You (Single Version)

12.She's Out Of My Life (Single Version)

13.Can You Feel It (Single Version)

14.The Girl Is Mine

15.Billie Jean

16.Beat It

17.Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (Single Version)

18.Human Nature

19.P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)

20.I Just Can't Stop Loving You

21.Thriller (Single Version)



02.The Way You Make Me Feel (Single Version)

03.Man In The Mirror

04.Dirty Diana

05.Another Part Of Me (Single Version)

06.Smooth Criminal

07.Leave Me Alone

08.Black Or White (Single Version)

09.Remember The Time

10.In The Closet (Single Version)

11.Who Is It (7' Edit)

12.Heal The World

13.Will You Be There (Single Version)

14.You Are Not Alone (Single Version)

15.Earth Song (Radio Edit)

16.They Don't Care About Us

17.You Rock My World

2008.The Ultimate Collection颤栗25周年纪念版


01.I Want You Back


03.I'll Be There

04.Got To Be There

05.I Wanna Be Where You Are


07.Dancing Machine

08.Enjoy Yourself

09.Ease On Down The Road

10.You Can't Win

11.Shake A Body (Early Demo)

12.Shake Your Body

13.Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

14.Rock With You

15.Off The Wall

16.She's Out Of My Life

17.Sunset Driver (Demo)

18.Lovely One

19.This Place Hotel


01.Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

02.The Girl Is Mine


04.Beat It

05.Billie Jean

06.P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) (Demo)

07.Someone In The Dark

08.State Of Shock

09.Scared Of The Moon (Demo)

10.We Are The World(Demo)

11.We Are Here To Change The World



02.The Way You Make Me Feel

03.Man In The Mirror

04.I Just Can't Stop Living You

05.Dirty Diana

06.Smooth Criminal

07.Cheater (Demo)

08.Dangerous (Early Version)

09.Monkey Business


11.Remember The Time

12.Black Or White

13.Who Is It (IHS Mix)

14.Someone Put Your Hand Out


01.You Are Not Alone

02.Stranger In Moscow

03.Childhood (Theme From 'Free Willy 2')

04.On The Line

05.Blood On The Dance Floor

06.Fall again (Demo)

07.In the Back


09.You Rock My World


11.Beautiful girl (Demo)

12.The Way You Love Me

13.We've Had Enough

2009.King of Pop


01.Billie Jean


03.Smooth Criminal


05.Black Or White

06.Beat It

07.Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

08.Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

09.The Way You Make Me Feel

10.Rock With You

11.You Are Not Alone

12.Man In The Mirror

13.Remember The Time

14.Scream (with Janet Jackson)

15.You Rock My World

16.They Don't Care About Us

17.Earth Song


01.Dirty Diana

02.Say Say Say

03.Off The Wall

04.Human Nature

05.I Just Can't Stop Loving You

06.Heal The World

07.Will You Be There

08.Stranger In Moscow


10.She's Out Of My Life

11.The Girl Is Mine


13.Who Is It


15.Blood On The Dancefloor

16.Workin' Day And Night


18.Give In To Me


01.Can't Get Outta The Rain (Single Version)

02.On The Line

03.Someone Put Your Hand Out

04.Is It Scary (Single Radio Edit)

05.Smile (Short Version)

06.Billie Jean (Original 12' Version)

07.Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (Extended 12' Mix)

08.Bad (Dance Extended Mix Includes 'False Fade')

09.The Way You Make Me Feel (Dance Extended Mix)

10.Another Part Of Me (Extended Dance Mix)

11.Smooth Criminal (Extended Dance Mix)

12.Black Or White (The Civilles & Cole House,Club Mix)

13.Thriller Megamix (Radio Edit)

2009.One Night in Japan



1-02.Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

1-03.Things I Do For You

1-04.Off The Wall

1-05.Human Nature

1-06.Heartbreak Hotel (This Place Hotel)

1-07.She's Out Of My Life

1-08.Medley _ I Want You Back - The Love You Save - I'll Be There

1-09.Rock With You

1-10.Lovely One


2-01.Working Day And Night

2-02.Beat It

2-03.Billie Jean

2-04.Shake Your Body (Down To The Gr


2-06.I Just Can't Stop Loving You


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